May 24, 2024

WhatsApp to support mentions in Groups – Another copy from Telegram


WhatsApp as you all know is a popular instant messaging application and Telegram is a feature-rich application competing with WhatsApp. Currently, WhatsApp is lacking a lot of features that Telegram has. So it’s no wonder that WhatsApp is copying many features of Telegram in order to make sure that they maintain their top position. Recent features of WhatsApp like @mentions, reply to the message, delete the message from both ends, two-step verification, etc. were previously implemented in Telegram. Now WhatsApp group mention feature is the new successor to this list. As per the wabetainfo blog’s recent post, WhatsApp new feature is mention in groups.

We are all receiving a lot of messages from various WhatsApp groups, but how can we know if somebody replied or mentioned you in that group stream? Currently, there is no way in Whatsapp to know that without opening the app and by checking all messages in all groups. But if you are a Telegram user you already know that this is not the case with Telegram. In Telegram, you get special notifications for mentions and replies in groups. As per the latest reports, Whatsapp is going to implement this same feature in iPhone first. But this feature is hidden now. WhatsApp might be planning to release the feature as soon as it is properly tested and found to be stable. An update for Android version is also expected to arrive soon, so stay tuned!

For those who didn’t know what this mentioning feature actually mean, I’ll try to explain it in simple words. When someone mentions you or when someone replies to your messages in a group then you can notice a special icon in that corresponding group to notify you that someone has mentioned/replied you. Tapping on that icon will take you to that message. So, in short, no mentioned message will go unnoticed (unless you ignore it purposefully! ;).


As mentioned before this same feature is already available in Telegram.

mention in telegram
mention in the telegram



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