May 24, 2024

Telegram X for Android Released – What’s New


The much awaited Telegram X for Android has been released. Telegram X for Android is now available for download in Google Play Store. Previously, the Telegram X app was named Challegram. Now it has been renamed to Telegram X and its logo got updated as well. Former Challegram is an alternative Telegram client based on TDLib, with higher speed, slicker animation and some experimental features. Based on some exclusive reports that were available to, we already published the news a few days before indicating this new update to Challegram.

See the video for more details

Telegram X for Android in Google Play Store
Challegram renamed as Telegram X in Google Play Store




What’s New in Telegram X for Android

Main Features

  1. New native music player with audio streaming. You don’t need to download the whole file to start playing.

    Audio Streaming in Telegram X for Android
    Audio Streaming in Telegram X for Android
  2. Photo Editing : Paint Tool (with arrows, rectangles, doodles, etc.)
    New arrow and rectangle icons in the image editor of Telegram X for Android
    New arrow and rectangle icons in the image editor

    Another screenshot of the image editor in Telegram X for Android
    Another screenshot of the image editor in Telegram X

Other Notable Features

  1. Thumbnail Scroller for Profile Pictures, Albums and Shared Media
  2. Archieve Sticker Sets from Stickers Pack Preview
  3. Entities in Captions inside Media Viewer are now clickable
  4. Twitter, Instagram & Images shown as Grouped Images
  5. Confirmation before sending a Contact
  6. Many other Minor Improvements and Bug Fixes


Which is your favorite Telegram Client?

Are you a Telegram fan? Have you tried any other (unofficial) Telegram clients? If yes, you may try Telegram X too and don’t forget to share your valuable experience with us as comments to this post. You may also write to us about your favorite Telegram client. Unlike for WhatsApp, you can find unofficial clients for Telegram because the official Telegram client is open source. Which means anyone, even you, can come up with an unofficial Telegram client. Apart from the former Challegram, Telegram got some other popular alternatives too. Plus Messenger and Mobogram are examples for that. Telegram has also listed a couple of unofficial clients in their official website.


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