May 24, 2024

Best Android Camera Smartphones Under 15k


Welcome back, folks. I am back again with another article. This time it’s about best Android camera smartphones under 15,000 INR. I chose this budget because about one-third of the smartphone buyers are in this budget segment. I will be dealing this article in connection with the one which I have posted before, regarding the megapixel count in smartphone cameras. So if you are familiar with that article, then this should be easy to understand. So let’s check out the best Android camera smartphones under 15k.

Best Android Camera Smartphones Under 15k


Xiaomi Mi A1

No surprises this time too. It’s Xiaomi again on the top list. It’s not embarrassing at all. Not making fun either. Rather it’s cutting edges in between. It’s a lot more than meets the eye. That’s what Xiaomi is been doing for the past couple of years with its pocket-friendly spec-ily in high-end mobile phones. This time its own MIUI has gone and Mi A1 became the first ever stock Android mobile from Xiaomi. I had mentioned its specifications in one of my earlier posts regarding top 5 Android budget phones. So, I am not mentioning its specs again except the camera. Dual camera is being a fashion from last year onwards. But rather than just the number games, most of ’em are pretty much gimmicks. But not in Mi A1. It’s more like the iPhone 7 Plus’ camera!

Xiaomi Mi A1, one of the best Android camera smartphones, comes with a dual camera setup 12 + 12 MP cameras on the rear and a 5 MP on the front. In the dual camera setup, one is a normal camera and the other is the telephoto lens which helps in taking portrait mode photos with background blur. It has got an aperture of f/2.0. In daylight conditions, the camera is capable of pulling out some excellent results. Selfie camera is just good enough to post on Instagram or other social media. The rear camera is also capable of 4K shooting and slow-motion videos which are good additions in this price segment. No other smartphone has got this much good camera set up under 15K INR. So if you are a camera-centric person and your budget is under 15K, then don’t think too much but Mi A1.


Xiaomi Mi A1 - Best Android Camera Smartphones Under 15k

Huawei Honor 6X

Honor 6X has also been mentioned in an earlier post about its specifications. So whats new in this is specifically about its dual camera setup. But unlike in Mi A1, Honor 6X has got a dual camera setup in the rear which comprises of one 12 MP and 2MP camera and an 8 MP shooter at the front. The 2 MP spouse on the rear is actually a wide angle lens which also helps in background blurring while shooting. Wide aperture mode varies from f/16 to f/.95 in order to take wide-angle photos. Outdoor shooting is pretty decent as far as the price is concerned. The 4GB RAM  version is available at a price of 11,999 INR in some online shopping sites. So if your budget is strictly 12,000 INR then Honor 6X is a notable mention for those who need dual rear camera setup under 12,000 INR.

Huawei Honor 6X - Best Android Camera Smartphones Under 15k

Moto G5 S Plus

Initially priced at 16,999 INR, the Moto G5 S Plus, an upgraded version of Moto G5 Plus, has come down to 14,999 INR which makes it a competitor in under 15,000 INR price segment. Moto G5 S Plus is undoubtedly one of the best Android camera smartphones you can get in this price range. Specifications include Snapdragon 625 octa-core processor, 3/4 GB RAM, 32/64 GB ROM, dual 13 MP rear cameras, 8 MP selfie shooter, 5.5″ Full HD display, 3000 mAh battery etc. The main attraction is the 13 MP dual camera at the back. It has got an aperture size of f/2.0 which allows more details while indoor shooting. It can also do some decent 4K shooting. Its a win-win situation between Mi A1 and Moto G5S Plus but the former has got the minimum price tag between the two and has a rather slim body and well-balanced design. Moto feels pretty hefty in hand. The golden color is somewhat attractive while in a crowd and it’s not outstanding though. It’s your choice to go between these two as almost all the specs are same but the brand.

Moto G5S Plus - Best Android Camera Smartphones Under 15k

Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie Dual Cam

If you are a selfie-centric person, then you should not miss the Asus Zenfone Selfie Dual Camera version. The phone is a 5.5″, Snapdragon 430 octa-core processor, 4GB/64GB version with a 3000 mAh battery. The USP of this phone is the dual camera setup at the front assisted with an led flash. Front selfie cam consists of 13 MP + 8 MP setup with an led flash. Aperture sizes are of f/2.0 and f/2.4 respectively. The primary camera is of 16 MP with an aperture size of f/2.2. The selfie camera setup at the front does a pretty decent job and of course, it has got the selfie portrait and beauty modes. And it has got Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) which is pretty rare in this price segment. EIS helps in taking less shaky pictures if you have got a shaky hand. If selfie camera is your top priority under 15,000 INR, the Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie dual cam must be your prime choice.

Asus Zenfone 4 - Best Android Camera Smartphones under 15k

Samsung Galaxy On Max

Another Samsung in this price segment? At last, yes. It breaks all the record of having the basic sensors from a Samsung at this price segment! And an able camera too. Samsung Galaxy On Max got 13 MP camera in both front and rear. The rear camera has got an aperture size of f/1.7 (Really? Flagship camera at this price segment?) and an aperture size of f/1.9 at the front. Rear camera does allow more light to pass into the lens thereby making it capable of some nice indoor shooting. The front camera also does some neat selfie capturing. But the size of the phone may feel too big for one hand use because of its 5.7″ body and having some big bezels. Specifications are also nice considering the price segment. MediaTek 6757v octa-core processor, 4GB/32GB version with a pretty decent 3300 mAh all-day battery. Samsung pay mini is an extra addition. So if you a brand conscious person, Samsung On Max can be a good choice considering its decent camera performance.

Samsung Galaxy On Max - Best Android Camera Smartphones Under 15k

So that’s it, folks. Now it’s your turn to choose from these. Other than the best Android camera smartphones I mentioned above, there are also some notable mentions like Lenovo K8 Plus, Huawei Honor 7X, Vivo V5, Moto G5 Plus and Coolpad Cool Play 6. I am not mentioning it in detail because the above-mentioned phones are the real people’s choice. Detailed specifications and their comparison can be updated upon requests. So that’s all for now and see you again. Till then bye bye and it’s me, Arjun Sankar, signing out.


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