May 24, 2024

Ubuntu 18.04 Wallpapers Published – Results of Wallpaper Contest on Flickr


Ubuntu 18.04 Wallpapers contest winners are announced. The Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Free Culture Showcase contest on flickr announced the winners of Ubuntu 18.04 supplemental wallpapers. There are 12 new wallpapers will ship with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS from flickr. The contest was started on March 2018 and the winners are here.


Ubuntu 18.04 Wallpapers

There are 12 wallpapers from flickr and a video from youtube and a song from soundcloud are included on Ubuntu 18.04. 148 photos are submitted for the selection and 12 are selected from the collection. All the wallpapers are under the license of CC-BY-SA. So everybody can use these stunning images on desktop, mobile etc. The winning entries are given below.

1. definitive light zen orange

Ubuntu 18.04 Wallpaper


This nice wallpaper created by Pierre Cante using Ubuntu 17.10 with gimp and others open source softwares for the ubuntu 18.04 free culture showcase.

2. bionic beaver

Ubuntu 18.04 WallpaperThis blue wallpaper is also created by  Pierre Cante  and is created with Gimp. This wallpaper is titled as this is bionic beaver.

3. Sunrise at Ross Jones Rockpool

Ubuntu 18.04 WallpaperThis nice sunrise wallpaper is submitted by Frenchie.Smalls and is photographed on Olympus E-P5 camera. This image is taken at Ross Jones Rockpool in Sydney, Australia.

4. Spices in Athens

Ubuntu 18.04 Wallpaper

The picture from a spices store in Athens is contributed by Makis Chourdakis. This nice yellow and grey combination will give a rich look for desktop and mobile. The Camera used is Pentax K10D.

5. Halifax Sunset

Ubuntu 18.04 Wallpaper

This beautiful sunset wallpaper is from Vlad Drobinin. This is a A warm Nova Scotian sunset reflected in the water below. The camera used for this stunning pic is Fujifilm X-T10.

6. raindrops on the table by Alex Fazit

Ubuntu 18.04 Wallpaper

Raindrops on the table is contributed by alex fazit. This wallpaper gives a warm look to the desktop. This photo is also Photo is under Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution license.

7. Manhattan Sunset

This cityscape is from From Jersey City by Giacomo Ferroni.
8. Wall with door on Gozo

Ubuntu 18.04 Wallpaper

This orange wall is photographed by by Matthias Ness. There was no building. Just this wall with a door (CC-BY-SA 4.0)

9. On top of the Rubihorn

Ubuntu 18.04 Wallpaper

This photo of mountain is uploaded by Matthias Ness. This is a nice view from the Allgäu Rubihorn summit (CC-BY-SA 4.0)

10. El Haouaria

Ubuntu 18.04 Wallpapers

This is a view of sky from a cave or rock formation and is photographed by Nusi Nusi

11. Cathédrale Marie-Reine-du-Monde

Ubuntu 18.04 Wallpaper

This is a photo fo Cathedral with turbulent sky. This wallpaper is created by Thierry Pon

12. Crocus Wallpaper

Ubuntu 18..04 Wallpaper

This nice pink flower with green meadow is photographed by Roy Tanck

The wallpaper pack will be included in Ubuntu 18.04 Release. The complete pack can be downloaded from lanuchpad.

Download Ubuntu 18.04 Wallpapers

And since Ubuntu 18.04 is an LTS relese, they included a set of audio and video as example media. Not only can you test your graphics and audio hardware for compatibility, but with entertaining media as well:

All the 148 wallpapers available on the flickr photo pool. You may be some different favorites to select from. like


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