July 22, 2024

Flameshot – Powerful Screenshot Tool for Linux


There are so many screenshot applications available for GNU/Linux like Shutter, Gnome Screenshot, Kazam, etc. But a new and professional screenshot application is ready for you to install and it is called Flameshot. In short, it is not only a screenshot application but also a small editor. We could mark, highlight areas and do a lot more!

Flameshot gif


With Flameshot you can add the following in screenshots:

  • Lines
  • Arrows
  • Boxes
  • Circles
  • Freehand drawing
  • Highlighting
  • Blur

There are also on-screen buttons for the following purposes:

  • Move screen-selection
  • Undo
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Save file
  • Upload to Imgur

These features are very helpful, especially for bloggers. We can simplify a lot of image-editing tasks. i.e. just a screenshot application will do everything. Shutter also has some editor-like functions with it, but Flameshot is super cool than Shutter. Flameshot got a nice user-interface with awesome functions. As mentioned before you can select an area and do highlighting with available tools, save or copy to clipboard using shortcuts.


Keyboard shortcuts of Flameshot

←↓↑→Move selection 1px
SHIFT + ←↓↑→Resize selection 1px
ESCQuit capture
CTRL + CCopy to clipboard
CTRL + SSave selection as a file
CTRL + ZUndo the last modification
Right ClickShow color picker
Mouse WheelChange the tool’s thickness


But this software is not available as a pre-built package for popular operating systems such as Debian derivatives. Currently only Arch, OpenSUSE & Void Linux have packages. Flameshot is also available as a Docker image. For Ubuntu, it is available under this PPA. You could also download it as a .deb file from here.

An alternate option is to compile it from source. Here I describe how we can compile Flameshot for Ubuntu:

  • First we have to install dependencies:
sudo apt install git g++ build-essential qt5-qmake qt5-default qttools5-dev-tools
  • Then clone the Flameshot repository:
git clone https://github.com/lupoDharkael/flameshot.git
  • Open the Flameshot directory:
cd flameshot/
  • Start compilation:
qmake && make
  • Install
sudo make install

Future devolepements

The good news is that a Flameshot app image is currently under development. App images work on pretty much any distributions without any installation hustles. Also, Debian got an Intend to Package request for Flameshot.


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