July 22, 2024

Create A Simple Presentation using Reveal js and Markdown


Presentations are important to share something to others. we have Office software such as Libre office impress, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, google Slides to do this task. Today I am going to tell you how you can Build Presentations with Reveal.js and markdown file.

Reveal js is a JavaScript package to create web slides.  official website itself a presentation demo.  it also provides a free online editor to create slides . but it needs an account to start. just go to slide.com for making one.  lets see how we can create a web slide using a markdown file.

Build Presentations with Reveal.js and markdown

Build Presentations with Reveal.js and markdown


Before we start we have to install the following packages into the system.

execute these commands to install the packages in Ubuntu. Other operating systems have there own package manager commands.

git : sudo apt-get install git
pandoc : sudo apt-get install pandoc

step 1 : Create a Markdown File with headings and list items. an example here


% Django Introduction
% Mujeeb Rahman K
% February 09, 2020

# Django

## Why Django
* Django is a Web framework written in Python
* Don't reinvent the wheel.
* 216 K packages in python package index

step 2 : clone or download Revealjs into the same folder which contains the above markdown file

git clone https://github.com/hakimel/reveal.js.git

Step 3 : convert markdown (.md) file to html file using pandoc utility

pandoc -t revealjs -s -o djangoslide.html django-intro.md -V revealjs-url=./reveal.js

This will convert md file to html and use reveal js from our current folder. if you don’t cloned reveal js you can use direct url like below.

pandoc -t revealjs -s -o djangoslide.html django-intro.md -V revealjs-url=https://revealjs.com

now we have got a djangoslide.html file. just open that file in any browser and see the magic..!! your web slide is ready.  remember that, if you didn’t download or clone reveal js in same folder the html wont render correctly.

The is a very quick and simple way to create a presentation because it only need very simple utilities like git, pandoc and a simple markdown file. Markdown can be created using a very simple text editor. We have very nice presentation with all the effects. It is html so simply works everywhere.


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