June 25, 2024

How to change font in telegram desktop in Linux and Windows


Telegram Desktop is a wonderful application to access Telegram in computer. This applications is available for Gnulinux, Windows and Mac. But the main problem of Telegram Desktop is that, we cant change default font from the settings. this makes lot of readability issues in so many languages other than Latin based.  Let see how we can Change font in Telegram desktop application using some quick change in the system.

We have to change the font globally because Telegram doesn’t have the option to change font.

Telegram Desktop
changed font in Telegram Desktop

Change font in Telegram desktop application in Gnu-Linux OS

Create a file at the location ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf


and add the following content to it. It sets default sans-serif font to Meera and serif font to Rachana. change the font name as your wish

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM "fonts.dtd">
<!— —>
<!— Generic name aliasing —>
<family>Liberation Mono</family>

then run

 fc-cache -v.

and restart Telgram Desktop application. this will also change your fonts in all applications like browser.

In – Windows Operating System

Open Registy editor

press Win+R and type regedit

go to the location given below

Windows NT

Change Value of “MS Shell Dlg 2” to the font name

I don’t have a Mac system, if anyone of you know about it add it in comments. This will change the fonts in Telegram Desktop application.



3 thoughts on “How to change font in telegram desktop in Linux and Windows

  1. Great article! But: You wrote it on a Windows machine, right?
    Because nothing other than Microsoft Software does stupid things like turning “-” into this ugly, stupid line “—”
    And the point fc-cache -v. ← here is to much 😉

    Cheers & thanks!


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